Arranging a Funeral Service

Loving God,
the shadow of death has fallen over me
because someone I love has died.
Be with me through this time,
comfort me with your presence,
and let me see the light of hope,

The death of a loved one is never easy. We all need the help and support of family, friends and the people we trust. It is also a time when we are aware of the care and prayers of others, especially the local church. At Holy Trinity we are committed to helping individuals and families at this most difficult of times.

Funeral directors

For most families the Funeral Director is the first point of contact. The Funeral Directors operate with a high standard of care, professionalism and expertise and will advise you on funeral arrangements. The Funeral Director will in turn contact the local Clergy and coordinate arrangements with them. At this stage the minister will make arrangements to visit the family.

A Funeral service

The Minister will arrange a time to call and talk things through. We will also listen, pray and offer practical bereavement support. Most people choose to have some kind of Christian funeral service and we are able to assist with this. Here at Holy Trinity we aim to help families through the issues and questions that arise at these times and we will offer wise and informed guidance. As well as services which may take place at Holy Trinity Church, with either a burial afterwards in the church graveyard or following the service in church a cremation at the crematorium. The vicar is often asked to lead funeral services at the local Crematorium (for a cremation service).  We are also able to help with services in outdoor or green burial sites.

Some Questions Answered
Who normally takes the funeral service?

 Funeral services at Holy Trinity are usually taken by the vicar.  Holy Trinity is the parish church of Thorpe Hesley and Scholes.

Do I need to be baptised or confirmed to be have a service in church?

 No. Anyone may have a service in church if they wish.

What happens in a funeral service?

A Christian funeral service normally includes prayers, reading(s) from the bible and an address (or eulogy) about the person who has died. Hymns or songs can also be sung, and music of the family’s request included.

Who does the address?

Often families ask the person who is leading the service to give an address. However we are more than happy if a family member or friend wishes to speak instead and we can give any advice on this, if necessary.

Will I be contacted by one of the clergy?

If you make the funeral arrangements directly with the Funeral Director, they will organise arrangements with the clergy, who will then contact you.  Normally you will be visited in your home, or a convenient location, by the person taking the service, so that details of the service and address can be discussed.