You may be reading this because you’ve decided to get married. If so - congratulations!  

In marriage, you make a public declaration of life-long commitment to love each other faithfully and take on a whole new legal status as husband and wife.  A wedding service in the Church takes place in the context of worship, prayer and praise, with vows made before God. The service itself, alongside the making of vows, the declarations, the giving and receiving of rings and the prayers, can also include your choices of music, Bible readings, and so on.  Weddings can be arranged well in advance, and we encourage you to contact us at the earliest opportunity to check on availability.

If you would like to arrange a wedding service to take place at Holy Trinity, we would love to meet with you, and to support and help you in your marriage and in the preparation for your wedding. If you wish to book a wedding please ring Mr Steve Wilson, Parish Administrator on 0114 245 7564 or by email

In the meantime, you might like to check out the Church of England website which has some really useful information regarding your wedding service in the Church